Brighton Chilli

A little about the project:

Brighton Chilli is a LiveCD project started to show the strengths of the BSD's in the wifi field
Brighton Chilli comes with everything needed to run a wifi accesspoint or hotspot managed by chillispot.
This includes:

This latest release (v0.002-ALPHA) is based on FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE-p10
You can grab a copy of Brighton Chilli here
or via Bittorrent from here

You can track the project on Freshmeat here
Setup Guide


  1. Automate the interface, pf & chillispot config
  2. Integrate a installer with the CD (BSDinstaller??)
  3. Announce & Support Mailing List
  4. Add support for the Ti ACX100 & ACX111 based cards
  5. Add mlppp support
  6. Add documentation for setting WPA & 802.11i/11x
  7. Setup a CVS server

Thank You's

The Freesbie project for the simple & powerfull framework

Matteo Riondato from the Freesbie project for the pointers when I was stuck

Dario Freni from the Freesbie project for seeding a torrent

Will Backman for the interview on BSDtalk podcast

A project by Sevan Janiyan
please note that the email address is no longer used